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Easy to Learn

HR salary planning with a highly secure web-based application that enables managers to apply various compensation increases while enforcing organizational business rules and budgets.

Easy to Use

Seamlessly integrates compensation market data from any market data source including all major suppliers to allow users to search for job pricing across multiple surveys and industries.

Easy to Configure

A complete web-based Organization Chart available for all employees that instantly reflects day-to-day organizational changes. 

1. Easy to Learn

2. Easy to Use

3. Easy to Configure

Helping you find the right HR solutions.

CompView is a suite of integrated online tools designed to add a business intelligence layer to any HRIS/MS configuration. These tools are web based and available as an application service, thus removing the need for technical sophistication and hardware. The Suite not only originates substantial and highly visible enterprise wide productivity efficiencies from the HR division, it also further leverages the return from any HRIS/MS investment.


Cloud Computing


HR partner with a shared vision.

Mobility  provide timely, cost-effective HR software solutions, online salary management tool, characterized by fast implementation, rapid return on investment.




Cloud Computing Technology meets function. Achieve strategic objectives through automating HR business processes.




Security Did you know 93% of companies use outdated comp systems? This results in low productivity, fines, inefficiency, and non-compliance.


It Costs HR

- Respect 

- Credibility 

- Contribution


Sentient can cut compensation cycles by 75% or more.

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