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About Us

At Sentient, Inc. our core business is HRIS. We specialize in web-enabling legacy systems as well as expanding the functionality of existing systems. We understand that organizations expect new technology implementation to result in time and cost savings. Our solutions leverage your existing HR database (Lawson®, Ceridian®, SAP®, ADP, Oracle®, Tesseract, etc.) to add value to your organizational processes while reducing operating overhead.

Having earned long-term relationships with companies such as Ericsson and Tekelec, Sentient, Inc. continues to provide timely, cost-effective HRIS solutions characterized by fast implementation, rapid return on investment, robust functional and reporting capabilities, guided administration settings, and above all, are user-friendly applications which lessen the amount of time involved learning the application.




Located in Dallas, Texas, Sentient, Inc. has been serving Dallas/Ft. Worth area businesses since 1997 including such large corporate entities as Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, Dean Foods, FujiFilm and Canadian Tire/Marks Warehouse. Sentient, Inc. leverages over 15 years of Human Resources (HR) application experience in the creation of a suite of integrated tools that streamline HR corporate processes. These tools focus on the reoccurring processes that are expensive to corporate organizations in both time and money. The first of these tools, Comprehensive Compensation (CoCo) was completed in May 2008. CoCO is a web-based tool that streamlines the organizational salary planning processes. Salary planning is the annual process where employees are awarded pay increases, bonuses, promotions, stock and/or options. CoCo allows the HR group and involved managers to shorten the salary planning process from months to days and due to the increased efficiency and accuracy will create savings that yield a full 100% return on investment in as little as 60 days.

Provide a suite of web based business intelligence software tools that automate corporate administrative tasks to deliver cost savings that increase the ROI on People Soft, Oracle and SAP HRIS installations.

The effectiveness of the resident salary planning/administration software was a primary driver of the perception of the overall effectiveness of the entire e-HR system.

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