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Visual Organization




Visual Organization is a dynamic, complete web-based Organization Chart available for all employees that instantly reflects day-to-day organizational changes. In addition to a graphical representation of the organization structure and employees picture, user companies can display an unlimited amount of custom data about each employee. 


Not just an org chart


Visual Organization is the new "Data Store." The easy to use, secure web-based Internet solution offers a refined view of necessary, managable information.  

  • Online, real time, graphical org chart

  • Drill down feature to see all levels of the organization

  • Data refreshed daily from HR information system – no manual updates

  • Integrate any data from any system

  • Rules based data display

  • Permission based data access

  • Exports easily to PDF’s

Key Benefits


  • Single point of Communication and Control
  • Scalable for any number of countries, subsidiaries or divisions
  • Understand, communicate and correct reporting relationships
  • One easy to use interface for data delivery
Value for all


Visual Organization's value to your organization extends beyond the organizational chart itself. Communicating with every employee, no matter his or her location, computer or technical ability, is efficient, cost-effective and easy. Your employees can easily access information about reporting relationships, specific employee information, job and positional data or anything else that you feel is important, via their web browser. As the super user for your company, you can tell the system what data fields you want displayed for each employee. The security model also allows you to restrict access to particular data fields to select groups (the number and type of user groups are completely configurable for your organization). 

Learn more about Visual Organization - download presentation
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