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ReOrg is the single most powerful corporate strategic modeling tool available today. To understand its full capabilities and ability to dynamically shape the future of your company it must be seen in action. No other web-based tool can match ReOrg's functionality, completeness, analytic capability or ease of use. ReOrg is the standard for intelligent strategic modeling.

Optimal Corporate Structure


ReOrg allows authorized managers to model organizational changes such as mergers, acquisitions, reorganizations or RIFs using a point and click, web based, graphical interface. Budgets, job family integrity and EEO liability are calculated real time as organizational changes are made either to the actual organization or in “What If” scenarios. The approved changes are seamlessly integrated back into the HRIS system. 

Org: Online ReOrg


  • Daily Workforce Manipulation and Planning

  • Terminate, Move, Hire, Hide, or Re-instate any employee or group

  • Model RIF’s, Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructurings

  • Starts with completely accurate Org Chart

  • Org Chart automatically reconfigures on the fly

  • "Flag" employees by any criteria (hire date, pay grade, location, performance, etc)

  • See each employee's "flags" displayed on full corporate org chart screen

  • Allows milestoning and multiple versioning

Shows real time changes to:
  • EEO

  • Budgeting

  • Skill Sets/Job Codes

  • Skill Sets/Job Codes

  • Highlights Budget Differences

  • Exposes EEO Liability with regard to age, race and gender

  • Determines Skill Set and Job Code deficits or surpluses

  • Easy access by name or number to Employee information

  • Store modeled versions for future reference

  • Allows Placeholder replacements for employees and employee groups

  • Multiple Report Options

  • Drag and Drop/ Point and Click Interface

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